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Nome: stefan doss

Su di me: vagabondo stanziale - amo il mondo e la natura - ho scommesso con me stesso di liberare Corso Milano dallo smog e dalle auto inquinanti.

Interessi: tutto quello che gira attorno ad una famiglia con 4 ragazzi scatenati

Vivo a: IT, veneto/verona

Specializzazione:: mobilità ecosostenibile

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tesla newsletter october 2010
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Tesla took possession of the Nummi automotive plant in Fremont, California earlier this month and opened the doors to employee tours on Wednesday. In the months since Tesla announced the purchase, negotiations with Nummi have enabled the repurposing of a complete paint shop, four mechanical press lines, a blanking line (used to cut sheets of aluminum before stamping), and a crane for use in the Model S production process. The purchased machinery will simply be retooled and tested before use. The Hydraulic Press Line has started to arrive; 50 trucks are en route to transport the entire line to Fremont.

Tesla is focused on hiring the most talented people, retooling the facility, and creating the most energy-efficient and innovative automotive production process in the industry.

For an explanation of the manufacturing process, please read Manufacturing VP Gilbert Passin’s recent blog post.

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MotorTrend / Tesla’s Open House - So This Is What a Silicon Valley Car Maker Looks Like
Los Angeles Times / Tesla Opens Door to its Electric Car Research Center
Reuters / Tesla Looking to Double Engineering Staff
Wall Street Journal / Idle Fremont Plant Gears Up for Tesla
All Cars Electric / Racer Or Commuter? Just What IS The 2011 Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5?

Incentives to Go Electric
This year, many governments around the world have approved new incentives for purchasing and owning electric vehicles. If you take delivery by the end of this year, you may claim generous incentives in countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Substantial tax benefits can dramatically lower the effective price of the Tesla Roadster and result in major savings relative to comparable gasoline-burning sports cars.

The Tesla website is a great resource for finding incentives in your area. As you consider purchasing a Roadster for the holiday season, contact a Sales Advisor to learn more about maximizing incentives during the 2010 tax year.

Upcoming Events view all

Be sure to check out the Toyota electric RAV4 at the Los Angeles Auto Show, November 19-28. Toyota’s electric RAV4 features the unprecedented Tesla electric powertrain.

North America:
Santa Barbara Concours & Tour d’Elegance / Test Drives at Andrisen Morton in Denver / Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show

Chateau du Lac Test Drives, Brussels / Brighton to London Future Car Challenge, UK / Auto Zurich Car Show, Switzerland


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tesla newsletter october 2010
posted on 10/29/2010 at 15:23

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